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Let’s Talk About Age and Vasectomy

World Vasectomy Day is this month, so there seems like no better time to broach the subject of permanent birth control for men. Historically, the responsibility has fallen on a woman’s shoulders. Today, more men are looking at the reasons that they can at least start to think about how and why they should engage in this important conversation about family planning. And it isn’t only men whose homes are already filled with children who are talking. We are speaking with men in their 20s and 30s, as well. Here are some of the reasons they say they consider vasectomy the best choice for themselves:

  • Men whose partner has children may feel completely satisfied with their arrangement as it stands. If that partner also has no desire for more children, the family unit is complete and vasectomy seems like the right choice.
  • Many couples discuss vasectomy as an option that will allow them to enjoy the level of spontaneity without other male and oral contraceptives.
  • Men also report choosing to have a vasectomy in order to maintain peace of mind. This frees them from concerns such as “What if the condom rips?” and “Did she take her pill?” This removal of worry or stress leads to better sex, and this has been proven in recent a study.
  • Men often discuss concerns related to an unplanned pregnancy with a short-term partner. They have heard or seen friends struggle to support a child, and may have seen the same friend also struggle to maintain an active role in that child’s life due to poor relations with the ex-partner. With this in mind, younger men feel more comfortable with the idea of vasectomy reversal or sperm harvesting than taking chances with the normal methods of contraception.
  • Men who have a partner who have had a complicated pregnancy, who cannot get pregnant again due to the high risk of pregnancy and who cannot take birth control due to risk of complications are all situations where undergoing a vasectomy is responsible and appropriate.
  • Men with a strong sense of environmental responsibility say they consider vasectomy a way to preserve the earth’s natural resources. Adoption is an acceptable option, and one that further supports their desire for preservation.

Is vasectomy a topic of discussion in your home? We are happy to speak with you so you have the important information you need to make a confident decision about your future. Call Dr Shrid’s office at (423) 778-6941.

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