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The Case for Penile Implants

Erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter, as many jokes that have been made about this condition. Men who continually experience lackluster or inconsistent erections are men who suffer a great deal, and unfortunately some men suffer alone. Sexual performance is an important attribute of masculinity and general health. To have this ability stolen can mean emotional turmoil. This is not only true for the affected male, but also for his partner. At the UT Erlanger Men’s Health Clinic in Chattanooga, TN, patients have some treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction, including oral medication, penile injection therapy and penile implants. Penile implants to don’t get discussed that often and will be our focus since 30% of all men who suffer from ED will not respond to oral medications.

What is a Penile Implant?

As it sounds, a penile implant is a device that is inserted into the shaft of the penis to facilitate the normalcy of the erection. There are different types of penile implants, and Dr. Shridharani selects the most appropriate type after a thorough discussion and examination of his patient.

The primary intent in treating ED with a penile implant is to restore a man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection as was once possible. An implant is discussed in instances of severe functional problems, as may occur after cancer treatment or in the face of diabetes or vascular disease. Before this method, other treatments to support healthy erectile function are typically used, including medication and penile injections.

Why an Implant?

Penile implants are reliable, and resilient. They work when other therapies have not. According to studies, patients, as well as their partners, regain a high level of sexual satisfaction, over 90% in multiple studies, after the insertion of an appropriate implant. There are no parts of the implant outside of the body and it is invisible, even when naked. The physical wellness that stems from a restored function is closely related to a significant improvement in emotional well-being. What man doesn’t want to know that he can attain and maintain an erection as long as he would like, whenever he wants!

A Word about Size

There is a common misperception about penile implants: that they are somewhat intended for the enhancement of size. While we can say that the appearance of the flaccid penis may increase slightly (due to the presence of the new internal structures), it would be unrealistic to promise that the erect penis would be larger than its natural size. Most men who experience severe erectile dysfunction or who have excess fat above their genitalia are going to experience a loss of length over time. When placing an implant your natural erectile cylinders are measured and the size of the implant place is appropriate for. In general, putting in a larger implant than what your body can accomodate will only lead to pain and other complications and is not recommended. Nevertheless, most men an their partners are extremely satisfied with the appearance and function of penile implant.

Dr Shridharani understands the nuances – and frustrations – of Erectile Dysfunction. Explore your treatment options. Call the UT Erlanger Men’s Health Clinic in Chattanooga, TN at (423) 778-4MEN(4636).


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