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Erectile Dysfunction: Let’s Talk about Injection Therapy

erectile-dysfunctionWith estimates of erectile dysfunction in the neighborhood of 50% for men aged 40 to 70, discussion regarding this condition has become vital to male health and wellness. Erectile dysfunction, or ED, may occur to varying degrees. Whether an erection cannot be attained, or it softens either prior to or during sexual intercourse, the ultimate result is dissatisfaction. We understand that many men shy away from talking about their concerns related to ED, but we encourage open communication with a trusted physician. Treatments are available for men who want to regain confidence in sexual performance.

When the Standard isn’t Effective

Standard treatments for erectile dysfunction include lifestyle modifications and oral medication, when necessary. Oral medication may provide some results, but not for every man. Sometimes, ED is best treated with the direct application of medication, or penile injections.

Injection therapy became a relevant ED treatment back in the 1980s. Since that time, new medications have been developed to elicit more satisfying results. Common approved drugs include alprostadil, phentolamine, and papaverine.

  • Alprostadil facilitates blood flow to the penis by relaxing smooth muscle tissue. This may be given as EDEX™ or in combination with phentolamine, papaverine and/or atropine.
  •  Phentolamine and papaverine are also potent vasodilators that relax smooth muscles, allowing blood to flow more easily into the penis.

Injection therapy is dosed depending on the specifics of each case. Some men may implement injection therapy as a complement to oral nitrates. According to studies, approximately 85% of men who use this method of care for ED are able to achieve and maintain erection.

Important Details

The very idea of injections in such a delicate area may seem unpleasant, to say the least. Trust us, it’s not. Men who have elected to use penile injection therapy find the method easy, effective, efficient, and tolerable in terms of discomfort. Injections are self-administered with such a tiny needle that most men describe the tiny pinch as no greater than plucking an eyebrow hair. Once the minor injection is administered at the base of the penis, an erection should be expected within about 10 minutes. Duration for an erection after penile injection therapy is approximately 30 minutes.

If oral ED therapies and lifestyle changes have not produced the full effect you would like, contact the UT Erlanger Men’s Health Clinic at (423) 778-4636.


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