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Cycling and Sexual Health in Men

COMPREHENSIVE MEN'S HEALTH CHATTANOOGA, TNIn recent years, we have seen a sharp increase in interest in cycling. This activity is not just a sport; it has become a way for men and women of varying age to stay in shape both physically and psychologically. The question has been posed much more than once: is there a negative impact on men’s sexual or urological health from cycling habits? A new study, The Impact of Cycling on Men’s Sexual and Urinary Functions, sought to answer this and more.

This recent study was not the first to be conducted on men who love to cycle. Previous research has suggested that men, in particular, but also women, may experience diminished sexual health due to the extended duration of pressure on the perineal area. Fortunately, research has continued, because we are now seeing that these findings may have prematurely thwarted desires to engage in this activity.

Interesting New Data

The Impact of Cycling study, which involved approximately 4,000 male athletes from around the world, uncovered data that competes with previous research. Some of the findings from participants’ completed questionnaires included:

  • Results were not affected by the type of bike seat a man used.
  • Erectile function was no worse in cyclists than in non-cycling males.
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms were not affected by cycling.
  • The Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM) score was higher in cyclists than non-cycling athletes.
  • The odds of perineal numbness were higher in cycling males than their non-cycling counterparts.
  • The benefits of cycling for cardiovascular health were believed to outweigh potential deterrents.

Similar results were observed in female participants in a sister-study, The Impact of Cycling on Women’s Sexual and Urinary Functions, performed by the same group of researchers as the male-centered study.

Because cycling is a popular form of athletic competition as well as an enjoyable type of exercise that many men and women would like to engage in, it is important that the fullest extent of accurate health data be known. At this time, no credible link exists to show that cycling negatively affects sexual or urologic function.

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