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Low Libido Isn’t Reserved for Women

Men Sexual health Chattanooga, TNLow libido. It’s a problem that a good number of men talk about. However, the perception is that they talk about it because their partner is the one who struggles to “get in the mood.” The discussion that usually takes place regarding low libido gives a very strong impression that this is a woman’s health issue. Not so. Men can also fall into the pit of prudence. Here, we want to approach the subject head-on, alleviating concerns that sex drive may be gone forever.

Fueling the Tank

A man’s desire tank surges during young adulthood, fueled by barely-controlled testosterone coursing through his veins. The serum level of testosterone, meaning the testosterone that is available for use, is directly tied to a man’s libido. This level begins its downward spiral shortly after the age of twenty, and the desire tank runs a little drier. Ouch! Once serum testosterone begins to diminish, it continues to decline by about 1% a year. Double-ouch! But that actually isn’t the most frightening thing about low libido in men.

We live in the information age, when it is as easy as tapping a few keys on your phone or computer to discover what’s “wrong” and how to fix it. The problem with sexual matters is that men (and women) may easily fall prey to supplements that could ultimately hurt them. When dealing with the delicate matter of sexual performance, appropriate care is best.

Boosting libido may also be as simple as tuning in.

  • Tune in to stress. Whether you’re stressed about what happened at work today or what your partner said at dinner, or the performance you may achieve in the bedroom, let it go. Unmanaged stress is a quick buzz-kill. Fortunately, you can avoid this. Get a hand with mindfulness and stress management by trying out a meditation app like Headspace. It’s free and may be the ticket to heightened desire.
  • Tune in to your body. The body that holds too much energy is not as healthy and vital as it could be. Daily exercise releases the tension and energy of stressors. It also supports circulation, which you need in order for vital parts to work when you want them to.
  • Tune in to your partner. Research suggests that we are more disconnected today than ever. Cell phones and other devices provide us with endless entertainment, but they stand between ourselves and those right in front of us. Do yourself a favor in the sex department, toss out the phone and get connected to your partner.
  • Tune in to help. Emotional and clinical therapies can both be useful in managing sexual health. A therapist can help navigate all the feelings that emerge when libido plummets, and an experienced physician can investigate potential physical causes and treatments.

Sexual health is an important matter to your quality of life, and that matters to us. Call our Chattanooga office at (423) 778-4636.

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