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How HCG can Boost Testosterone

Low Testosterone Chattanooga, TNIn recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the consequences of low testosterone (in both men and women). The response to the acknowledgment that testosterone is essential to many health functions has been met with a widespread desire for more. The question is how does the average guy “get more” testosterone?

The demand for optimal testosterone levels has led to the development of quite a few products. The use of any testosterone-boosting product should be approached with more care than most men realize. For instance, did you know that even proper use of straight testosterone can decrease sperm production? Therefore, if you are interested in having children in the next few years, testosterone supplementation should not be a part of your regimen.

Getting a Boost from a “Female Hormone”

Sex hormones exist in both men and women (even estrogen) but to different degrees. Through study, it has been discovered that the female hormone hCG holds a bit of magic for men, too. Typically, hCG is produced in the placenta during pregnancy. Another arena in which hCG is discussed is the medical weight loss niche. Rarely would a man intuitively think that this little hormone might help him get out of the funk of low-T.

If you are feeling the downer of low testosterone, the weight gain and waning energy levels, the sexual dysfunction and decreased confidence, you don’t have to come up with solutions on your own. All you need to do is call our Chattanooga office to explore treatment options. To boost testosterone, we may suggest hCG or clomiphene as an integral aspect of treatment. Here’s why.

The hCG hormone mimics luteinizing hormone (LH). This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland to signal testosterone production in the testes. By mimicking LH, hCG basically tricks the body into thinking it needs to produce more testosterone. Additionally, androgen receptors become more responsive due to the presence of hCG.

Clomiphene is a medication usually given to women to help them ovulate. At low doses it can safely be given to be to help increase sperm production and testosterone levels. This is a very safe, effective treatment that has been used for many years in the treatment of infertile males. It is usually given as a tablet so injections can be avoided. Everyone should understand that it is not FDA approved for the treatment of testosterone deficiency; however, its use has been well documented for several decades.

Low testosterone is responsible for many physically and emotionally draining symptoms. Correction is possible for most men but is not something to take on without the help of an experienced doctor. Dr. Shridharani has considerable experience in male reproductive endocrinology and the treatment of low testosterone.

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