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Questions About Penile Implants? We’ve Got Answers!

Penile Implant, Chattanooga TNMen with persistent erectile dysfunction have multiple options for correction. Since the 1970s, penile implant surgery has been one of them. We don’t talk much about penile implants and their many benefits, but we should. Now that the conversation regarding erectile dysfunction has become less unsettling for men, we have more awareness and more freedom to answer questions that may have historically prevented men from obtaining the treatment that they need to feel better about their quality of life. Here, we offer details that may answer your questions about penile implant treatment.

  • Your ability to orgasm will not go away. Not only do most men retain their ability to orgasm, some men even see an improvement in their orgasmic capabilities. Studies suggest that this improvement may relate to the decrease in psychological stress surrounding erectile dysfunction.
  • Your sensation will not change.
  • You will not have to plan to have sex anymore. Whenever you want an erection it is under your control. You no longer need medications that partially work or place injections into your penis prior to intercourse.
  • Erection size does not change as a result of a penile implant. Some men complain of length loss however it usually is minimal. Usually prolonged erectile dysfunction can lead to length loss prior to the implant being placed. The surgeon should always attempt to maximize your length during the implant placement.
  • You can still work out and play sports after receiving a penile implant. Proper gear should be worn to protect your body. For men who cycle, there may be a need to switch out the normally-narrow seat for one that has more width at the sides and depth at the center.
  • Complication rates are low in our practice. Our infection rate is less than 1% and we perform over 75 implants per year. Our team is dedicated to minimizing the obstacles to recovery to get you back to normal function as quickly as possible.

Penile implant treatment has been around for a long time. As techniques continue to improve and awareness of the benefits of this procedure increases, more men are finding their way back to their best self. Learn more about penile implants. Schedule your consultation in our Chattanooga office at (423) 778-4MEN (4636).

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