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Peyronie’s Disease: It’s Worth Talking About It

Peyronie's Disease Treatment Chattanooga, TN Men are often naturally inclined to avoid discussing matters that affect their general wellness. Even when a medical problem is painful and psychologically troubling, a man may go it alone. Peyronie’s disease is a prime example of a condition that can have devastating effects on a man’s life but that remains relatively cloaked in mystery. To reveal the fact that there is hope for men with Peyronie’s disease, we must first become more comfortable talking about it.

Peyronie’s disease is the abnormal curvature of the penis. The bend may make it difficult for a man to get or keep an erection and may also make sexual intercourse painful or impossible. The condition usually affects middle-aged or older men. It is believed that the disease may originate with an injury to the penis. The injury itself may have gone unnoticed or been perceived as minor.

It may have occurred during sports, an accident, or during vigorous sex. As a result of the injury, the body makes plaques of scar tissue at the site of tissue trauma in the penis. It is the presence of plaques that causes the penis to then curve abnormally.

Research has estimated that up to 23 percent of men in the 40- to 70-year-old age range are affected by Peyronie’s disease. However, due to resistance or lack of awareness regarding the condition, it is possible that the actual number of men who struggle with Peyronie’s disease are doing it in private. Understandably, an abnormal curve of the penis can be an embarrassing problem to discuss. On the other hand, it can be a devastating problem to live with. If you’re experiencing the signs of Peyronie’s disease, contact our Chattanooga office.

Consulting with a doctor about Peyronie’s disease is the best way to become empowered to correct this problem. Dr. Shridharani has extensive urological training and experience in the management of Peyronie’s disease. Diagnosis may include imaging as well as a thorough consultation and health history. The findings of these actions help the doctor determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

Medical advances have made it possible to successfully manage Peyronie’s disease so a man can return to an optimal quality of life. First, we must talk about this condition without shame. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Shridharani, call (423) 778-4MEN (4636).

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