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We’re Answering Some of the Most Common Questions about Rezūm Therapy

The National Institutes of Health reports that as many as 14 million men are affected by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This condition is also known as an enlarged prostate. If not addressed, the enlarged prostate can compress the urethra and impede or completely block urine flow from the bladder.

Men who are living with BPH have options to reduce symptoms of their condition. Historically, these have included lifestyle changes, medications, and surgery. Now, we have a new option, Rezūm therapy. Dr. Shridharani is proud to offer this minimally-invasive BPH treatment to men in the Chattanooga area.

Rezūm is an outpatient procedure in which radiofrequency and water vapor combine to create a thermal treatment that causes extra tissue in the prostate to shrink. Treatment is performed in the office using a tiny needle and water vapor. Here, we answer some of the most common questions patients have about his BPH therapy.

Is Rezūm treatment painful?

Rezūm treatment differs from other procedures performed to treat BPH. Unlike surgery and laser treatments that remove tissue, Rezūm heats the prostatic tissue so the body can remold it. As a minimally-invasive, nonsurgical treatment, Rezūm is only mildly uncomfortable. To support patient comfort, a local anesthetic may be administered before treatment begins. The treatment lasts no more than 5 minutes, whereas other methods of treating BPH can take up to several hours.

Is recovery from Rezūm treatment painful?

As long as no sedatives are prescribed for treatment, a patient may drive himself to and from his appointment. A catheter may be left in place after the procedure. This can be removed at home three to five days after treatment has been performed. The catheter itself is usually not painful. During the few weeks of recovery after Rezūm treatment, patients may experience a mild burning sensation when urinating. Mild pain may be felt, and blood may be noticed in the urine. Comfort may be maintained with mild pain medications.

Will Rezūm treatment affect sexual function?

Patients appreciate that there is practically zero risk of Rezūm treatment causing impotence. This is because no tissue is removed and disruption to the prostate area is minimal. Studies suggest that there is a slight chance of retrograde ejaculation after Rezūm treatment. This condition is characterized by semen entering the bladder rather than exiting the penis during orgasm. With Rezūm, the risk of retrograde ejaculation is about 5%. With surgery for an enlarged prostate, that chance is up to 85%.

How long do the results of Rezūm treatment last?

A five-year study discovered that 95% of the men treated with Rezūm therapy sustained results without any further treatment, including medications.

If you are interested in reducing or eliminating your need for BPH medications, explore the potential for Rezūm therapy. Call our Chattanooga office at (423) 778-4MEN (4636) to schedule your consultation.

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