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What You Need to Know about Treating Erectile Dysfunction

According to research, billions of dollars are spent each year on erectile dysfunction drugs. Research also indicates that even FDA-approved drugs like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra don’t work 100% of the time. Their failure rate is between 30 and 40%. Additionally, many men find the side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs a turn-off. On most drug therapies, men may always have to plan for sex which lacks the natural spontaneity of sex. For these reasons, it is important to know what alternatives to erectile dysfunction drugs exist and which may be best suited to optimal sexual health without causing more harm or delaying your ability to feel confident again.

Erectile Dysfunction Supplements: Why be Wary

It’s easy to find natural supplements that claim to support erectile function, libido, and more. Just because they are readily available without a prescription does not make supplements suitable. It also does not mean they are safe. Even natural supplements can cause dangerous side effects. Furthermore, because supplements are not regulated by the FDA, there is no clinical data to confirm ingredients and effects.

Is Testosterone Therapy the Answer to Erectile Dysfunction?

Testosterone deficiency is a condition that gets a lot of attention these days, largely because of the development of bioidentical hormone therapy. It is important to understand that just because a man has low testosterone does not mean he needs testosterone replacement therapy to function normally. Dr. Shridharani performs a comprehensive evaluation and testing to draw an accurate conclusion about the validity of hormone therapy for a patient experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone. He draws on extensive experience in male reproductive endocrinology and hormone replacement to develop a treatment protocol that is suitable for each individual.

Appropriate Medical Care is Necessary for Satisfying Results

There are two types of erectile dysfunction, organic and psychogenic. Each can play off of the other, which creates a challenge in overcoming this issue safely and effectively. Dr. Shridharani is a board-certified urologist and men’s health specialist who is familiar with the full spectrum of erectile dysfunction treatments. Options range from medication, injections, penis pumps, and penile implants.

Erectile dysfunction is a topic of conversation that matters. It is not a problem of performance anxiety and stress only. It is a condition with physical and emotional ramifications, so deserves a thorough examination. To schedule a consultation at our Chattanooga or Hixson office, call (423) 778-4MEN (4636).

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