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Is a Penile Implant Right for Me?

As common as erectile dysfunction (ED) is, it is still a problem that most men don’t wish to talk about, even to their doctor. We understand that it can be difficult to bring up issues about sexual health. However, it is much more challenging to live with those issues. In our Chattanooga men’s health and urology practice, patients receive the kind of one-on-one care that they need to make confident decisions about their sexual health. Here, we discuss the common questions that men have about penile implants as a treatment option for ED.

Is a Penile Implant a Good Solution for Erectile Dysfunction?

For men who are motivated to regain optimal sexual function after unsatisfying improvements with other medical therapies, a penile implant is the ideal solution. This modality ensures that a man can have an erection when he wants it returning spontaneity to their relationships. According to studies, penile implants have between a 90 and 95% satisfaction rate. This is not only among patients themselves but also their partners. The vast majority of men who receive penile implants report that they have no regrets in their treatment choice.

Is Penile Implant Surgery Safe?

Getting a penile implant does involve a short surgical procedure. This is performed on an outpatient basis and typically takes 45 minutes or less. The complication rate for penile implant surgery is very low. Infection is the primary concern but this occurs in less than 1% of cases due to the precise surgical protocols followed by a board-certified urologist familiar with this technique. Dr Shridharani has some of the lowest infections rates of high volume implanters in the world.

Is Penile Implant Surgery Painful?

The surgery itself is painless. Patients receive anesthesia before their procedure and, after surgery and during their brief hospital stay, may receive prescription pain medication. During this stay, which typically lasts no more than 8 hours, fluid is drained from the surgical site as needed to minimize swelling and discomfort. Once released from the hospital, patients should take their prescribed medication as directed and ice the wound as mucj as possible. Mild to moderate soreness is expected to resolve over several days. Usually a drain is placed to minimize swelling and this is continued for 3 days.

Life with a Penile Implant

Most penile implants are ready to be activated approximately 3 weeks after surgery. We do this first in the office. After successful activation, the implant is cleared for unrestricted use. In most cases, the penile implant lasts between 10 and 25 years.

If you’re experiencing ED, don’t suffer in silence. Call the Chattanooga office of Dr. Anand Shridharani to discuss the value of a penile implant.

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