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Erectile Dysfunction is Not an Over-the-Counter Problem

In recent years, erectile dysfunction has become much less of a taboo topic than it had been. Our fathers and grandfathers may have never discussed the performance issues they faced. Today’s men not only have the stage to talk about their erections and concerns related to them with their partners and healthcare providers, but they have a plethora of ways to deal with their concerns. Many of the solutions offered today are seen on television, in men’s health magazines, or online. These are not the places where worthwhile solutions are found. Here, we discuss why.

What many men do not yet understand about erectile dysfunction is that it is not black-and-white. It isn’t that you either have no problem getting an erection or you simply cannot get hard. ED encompasses a range of concerning symptoms. For some men, the condition causes decreased sensation. For some, it is difficult to get an erection. For others, it is difficult to maintain one. Just as there are several ways in which erectile dysfunction may present, there are numerous potential causes for the condition. That is Reason Number One for seeing an erectile dysfunction specialist. Most men do not like going to the doctor for ED, find it an inconvenience or shameful even but reaching first for an over-the-counter ED supplement can miss a potentially serious underlying health condition.

What You Should Know

So, why do we see erectile dysfunction supplements pretty much everywhere these days? Do they have any value at all? Could they be dangerous? We’ll touch on these questions here. One of the first concerns related to commercial ED supplements is that they are unregulated. Without FDA regulation, these supplements may lack proper testing for unknown risks and side effects. As an example, Viagra and Cialis are popular FDA-approved ED drugs. Doctors know, because these drugs have been clinically tested, that they pose a risk to men on certain heart medications. This knowledge allows doctors to closely monitor a patient if the drug is appropriate or, alternatively, seek other forms of treatment. Supplements may contain ingredients that work similarly to Viagra and Cialis but, because they are not FDA tested and approved, there is no way to discern their true risks. There have also been reports by the FDA suggesting against the use of over the counter medication because of the heart risk the may carry.

Erectile dysfunction is a complex problem that deserves more than an over-the-counter solution. Dr. Shridharani offers the one-on-one care that can lead to the improvement you’ve been seeking. Call (423) 778-4636 to schedule a consultation at our Chattanooga office.

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