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Telehealth for Men’s Services

Elderly 70s man seated on sofa make distant video callMen are normally shy away when it comes to regular reproductive and sexual health checks. This is why the popularity of telehealth for men is on the rise. Find out more about telehealth below:

What is Telehealth for Men’s Services?

Telehealth uses electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical health care and patient and professional health-related education. Therefore, it’s the use of modern technology to bring doctors and male patients together when they’re far apart. This can be done via video conferencing, streaming audio, storing and transmitting medical records, or any other number of ways. Whether for a regular checkup or a follow-up after being discharged from the hospital, telehealth is becoming an increasingly popular option for patients and doctors.

Advantages of Telehealth for Men’s Services

Easier access to healthcare. Patients can easily access healthcare services. Often inquiring about certain services may be problematic for men. Through telehealth, they will have. The anonymity and comfort they require to ask about pertinent male health issues.

  • Flexible appointments. Doctors will have the luxury of seeing patients in person and on call. This frees up a lot of time since some men’s health issues are easily diagnosed over the phone.
  • Less expensive. It is cheaper to administer services through telecommunication devices as opposed to in-person. Practitioners will save a lot of resources by diagnosing men over the phone or on the internet.
  • Improved patient engagement. Since it will be easier for patients to reach you via your phone or computer, there will be increased engagement. Your patients will be more satisfied with the services you offer.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity. Telehealth is excellent for completing tasks that would have otherwise taken ages. Medical practitioners can deliver their services in a matter of minutes.

Disadvantages of Men’s Services

  • Privacy and security of data. One of the main problems with telehealth is the risk of breach of patient data. However, there are practitioners who are going the extra mile to ensure your data is kept safe and secure.
  • Lack of technology. Some patients lack the technology required to conduct telehealth visits.

It’s highly recommended to seek medical assistance from a board-certified practitioner. Anand Shridharani, MD, is a board-certified urologist specializing in the male reproductive system and prosthetic urology. If you need a consultation for men’s reproductive and sexual health, call 423-778-4636 or visit http://www.drshrid.com. 

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