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How Much Water Should I Drink For Healthy Kidneys?

middle aged male with a drink after outdoor training.From lubricating joints and keeping blood flowing properly to allowing electrical signals to pass through our nervous system, water plays a vital role in nearly every function of our body. Water also makes up almost 70% percent of our body weight. With all of this, drinking enough water each day is essential to keep a healthy life.

All the water we consume passes through and is filtered by our kidneys. Despite the importance water plays in our body functions, our kidneys are susceptible to distress from a lack of water. However, too much water can cause adverse effects as well.

For many years, the general recommendation has been that eight glasses of water daily are needed to get an adequate amount. However, with the recent advancements in medical research, it is becoming more evident that each person is different, and the amount of water needed by each person can vary significantly.

While eight glasses of water is a good start, there are many factors to consider when evaluating if you are consuming enough water. In many cases, the recommended eight glasses are the bare minimum, and more is needed to get the full benefit of hydration. This is especially true if you live an active life or participate in sports or outdoor activities.

Your climate can also be a significant factor in the amount of water needed. The hotter and dryer the air is during activity, the more water will be required. Especially during intense physical activity, it is important to ensure the right amount of electrolytes are consumed with the water to prevent cramping and other muscular distress.

However, it is possible to drink too much water. Certain medications that are often taken before procedures or exams can react negatively with excess water. However, not common outside of intense physical activity, water without the right about of electrolytes can cause other health issues.

Although there are some situations where too much water can lead to other issues, this is rare, and in general, more is better. To learn more about water consumption and maintaining healthy kidney function, call Dr. Shridharani in Chattanooga, TN, at 423-778-4636 or visit www.drshrid.com.

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