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What Is The Recovery Like After A Vasectomy?

Urologist consultation for male patient.Although many men and families want kids, there may come a point in your life when that is no longer the case. Modern contraception methods are highly successful. However, some men wish for an option other than condoms for contraceptives, and women may prefer not to use oral or other female contraception methods.

Vasectomies are considered the most successful contraception methods for men. Vasectomies are a minimally-invasive procedure that permanently blocks sperm from exiting the body during ejaculation. The vasectomy procedure has minimal risks and can be completed in the office setting with minimal risks or chances of failure.

However, some men may be concerned with the potential for discomfort or a painful and lengthy recovery. Although some discomfort may be expected during the procedure, the “no scalpel” technique used by Dr. Shridharani is relatively painless and rarely requires pain medication during or after the procedure.

After your vasectomy procedure, you can return home right after. There may be some swelling and discomfort, but these are temporary and will subside over the few days after your procedure. Especially after the “no scalpel” procedure, there are no restrictions during your recovery, and you can return to your normal activities as soon as you feel able to do so.

Though a vasectomy provides a nearly instant block to keep sperm from exiting the body, it does take about 3 months for the procedure to be 100% effective. Other forms of birth control should be used during this time.

You will be scheduled for a follow-up visit after this for a semen analysis. Once this is complete and it is determined no sperm is found in your semen, the procedure is considered a success, and there are no follow-up visits or reasons for concern after.

If you want a permanent form of contraception, call Dr. Shridharani and his team in Chattanooga, TN, at 423-778-4636 or visit www.drshrid.com to learn more about vasectomies and to schedule a consultation.

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