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Common Myths About Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction disorderWe can tell you that having erectile dysfunction (ED) is no reason to feel ashamed. However, we also understand that our society associates masculinity with having a prominent sex drive. Therefore, having a condition that negatively affects your ability to maintain arousal can make you feel ashamed, embarrassed, and depressed. If rumors and myths have made you believe there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, our erectile dysfunction experts are here to dispel them.

It Only Affects Older Males

Most ED cases appear in older males. However, ED can appear in teenagers and men in their early twenties. Medications, psychological trauma, and hormonal changes cause erectile dysfunction disorder, which is why this condition can appear in younger males.

It Is a Natural Part of the Aging Process

While it is true that the majority of ED cases occur in men who are over 40, it is not completely accurate to suggest that age is the predominant cause of ED. In fact, this condition is most often caused by a health-related concern. For example, erectile dysfunction disorder has been linked to heart disease and diabetes. Doctors are advised to screen males for both conditions when the patients suspect they have ED.

Moreover, medication that regulates your blood pressure and antidepressants have been linked to erectile dysfunction in males. Thus, this condition is more so tied to your health than to your age. This misconception most likely exists because it is common to develop health issues and need medication as you age.

It Means You’ve Fallen Out of Love With Your Partner

Having erectile dysfunction disorder does not mean you are no longer in love with your partner. This common misconception has negatively impacted many otherwise healthy relationships, unfortunately. ED is usually connected to a medical disorder or hormonal imbalance. Low self-esteem, stress, and smoking are all contributing factors to this condition as well.

Erectile Dysfunction Specialist in Chattanooga, TN

Although erectile dysfunction is by no means as serious as a condition that is life-threatening, it still has debilitating effects that can harm your mental wellness and relationship. Dr. Shrid Men’s Health and Microsurgery wants you to know that relief is available. By scheduling an appointment with us, our team of experienced erectile dysfunction doctors can help you find the root of your condition and provide strategies to resolve it. To learn more about improving your condition, call 423-778-4636 now.

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