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What Can I Do about Erectile Dysfunction?

Sexual function is an essential aspect of men’s (and women’s!) health. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common reasons that men’s sexual performance and wellness decline. According to statistics, nearly half of all men aged 54 to 65 have trouble getting or maintaining an erection. That statistic increases to 70 percent after age 70.  It is about 40 percent for men in their forties and fifties. Keep in mind, these statistics are comprised of diagnosed cases. We suspect that there are many more men out there who are trying to manage their sexual function without proper medical care. Studies have not yet identified a way to prevent erectile dysfunction. It has, however, drawn some conclusions about what may help reduce the severity of the condition. We’ll discuss that here.


While several factors can influence the risk of erectile dysfunction, we cannot discount the effect of a poor diet. Some studies suggest that the same type of diet that is considered bad for the heart is considered bad for penile function. Therefore, we might correlate an improvement in function with a healthy diet. Experts suggest reducing fried and processed foods and consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables. This type of diet is not only good for the heart but also good for weight management, another factor related to erectile dysfunction. Excess weight can disrupt hormone balance, leading to estrogen dominance and its related symptoms. Finally, men with a poor diet and/or obesity are at risk of developing diabetes, a chronic condition that can damage nerves throughout the body, including the penis.

Physical Activity

A man doesn’t need to run marathons or an Iron Man competition, but it is necessary to engage in some type of physical activity several times a week. Cardio exercises like swimming, hiking, walking, and bike-riding help burn calories. Strength training may be better for increasing testosterone levels than cardio, according to studies. However, studies have also shown that the rise in testosterone after exercise is relatively short-lived.

Why You Should See a Urologist for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not a simple age-related problem. It may be an indicator of a bigger health concern. Dr. Shridharani feels strongly that identifying erectile dysfunction is a chance to improve a man’s overall health. Our multidisciplinary care team can help you manage your health needs. To schedule a visit to our Chattanooga office, call (423) 778-4636.

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